Artist Barbora Botková has a good imagination, she can draw anything, she is precise and quick, and surprisingly even more so now after she has become a mother. With this, I gladly confirm that the collaboration with Barbora Botková is great. The only disadvantage is, that she goes to sleep early, and contacting her in the evening is pointless.
Petra Braunová, writer

We had a nice opportunity to work with Barbora to create scrapbook way for kids „My Travel Diary“ or Lily and Martin on the Road. Later we also collaborated with Barbora on „My School Blog“ School Chronicle for Everyone. Barbora is able to empathize with an idea and come up with her own proposals. She is absolutely reliable and flexible in terms of required repairs or adjustments. The quality of the images do not even need any commentary, because we like her style a lot and especially children like it, which was the first reason we started on our common path together. Collaboration with Barbora, I can only recommend it!
Jana Franková, Alcatravel

Barbora Botková illustrations are comprehendible and “readable” for preschoolers and elementary school children. She deserves merit for her originality, unique „manuscript,“ and diligence. Despite the initial impression of simple drawings, they faithfully and elaborately depict any given topic. It is important to the emphasize Barbora’s sense for detail and accuracy of illustrations depicting historical themes. Remarkable is also the ability to artistically illustrate a variety of topics. Also important to mention, is the responsibility of this artist and illustrator of meeting agreed deadlines. She communicates well with her clients, and is willing to submit drafts and sketches of illustrations in progress before the final approval.
Miroslav Jalovecký, editor in chief Pastelka

Barbora Botková is an illustrator with great imagination and understanding of the child’s soul. Her illustrations for children are kind, gentle and genuine. Cooperation with Barbora was very pleasant. She is helpful, communicates quickly and seamlessly. After taking on a project, she sends sketches for comments and adheres to deadlines. I have been pleased with her work, and I will work on other nice books.
Jitka Pastýříková, editor, publisher Fragment, Albatros Media